Videos & Media

IMMDSR - Oral Hearings

20th May 2019

Video of Westminster Hall Debate

23rd April 2019

IMMDSR evidence - Marie Lyon

14th March 2019

Personal testimony 'The Bagley Family'

7th March 2019

Expert Working Group Evidence

28th January 2019

Sky Report - PM vows to review new evidence on pregnancy pill Primodos

17th January 2019

IMMDSR evidence - Neil Vargesson

27th November 2018

IMMDSR evidence - Prof. John Abraham

27th November 2018

IMMDSR evidence - Carl Heneghan

27th November 2018

Sky Report - Oxford University study links pregnancy drug Primodos to birth defects

27th November 2018

IMMDSR evidence - Dr. Jesse Olszynko-Gryn

26th November 2018

IMMDSR evidence - Jason Farrell

26th November 2018

IMMDSR evidence - Marie Lyon, Daniel Mason & Nikki Gubbins

26th November 2018

ITV News - PM Orders review into Primodos/Mesh/Valproate.

21st February 2018

Sky Views - Is the Primodos report a 'whitewash'?

14th December 2017

Sky Views - Primodos report 'irresponsible & questionable' (Neil Vargesson)

22nd November 2017

Yasmin Qureshi Question on the EWG Report. Hansard

16th November 2017

Sky Documentary - Calls for public inquiry over Primodos pregnancy drug after Sky News documentary

22nd March 2017

Primodos: The Secret Drug Scandal - Sky News Documentary

21st March 2017

Primodos: Sky News exposes pregnancy drug cover-up

19th March 2017

The Contested History of Hormone Pregnancy Tests conference (Cambridge)

27th January 2017

Radio Interview with Marie Lyon in Germany

Marie Lyon's appearance on Sky News talking about Primodos

18th June 2014

LWT Documentary

13th April 1978

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