Month: October 2021

  • Inside Out Quality

    Inside Out Quality

    Primodos: Zebrafish, GLP, and Unanswered Questions Primodos, a hormone-based pregnancy test, was given to women between 1959 and 1978. Its development occurred before GLP and before standardized testing for teratogenesis (causing birth defects).  There are data and suspicions that it caused birth defects, but more questions remain. This episode of Inside Out Quality explores the […]

  • Drug Safety Research & Communication

    Drug Safety Research & Communication

    EXPLORATHON PODCASTS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN A number of drugs over the last 70 years have been withdrawn following the discovery of serious side-effects. Most of us will be familiar with the Thalidomide scandal, and how thousands of people continue to be affected by the birth defects caused by the drug. The effect of these scandals has been lasting and […]