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HERC PrimodosNews Archive
July 21, 2020

Primodos: The first step towards Justice

HERC: In this article, Sharon Hartles reflects upon the significant impacts of avoidable harms that have been perpetuated for decades through a culture of denial and an absence of state…
Primidos-drug-story-with-Ord-familyNews Archive
July 19, 2020

Hannah Bardell seeks justice for Primodos families

DAILY RECORD: SNP politician Hannah Bardell wants the Government to implement the findings of a damning report into health scandals, including the pregnancy test drug. Hannah Bardell said mothers were treated…
baroness-cumberlegeNews Archive
July 14, 2020

Baroness Cumberlege’s Speech

The following is the speech given by Baroness Cumberlege on 8th July 2020. Good morning. The people of Britain have every reason to be proud of their NHS.Its response to…
Sky News 8 July 2020News Archive
July 14, 2020

Primodos scandal: ‘Significant’ changes were made to key report

SKY NEWS: A Sky News investigation raises questions about the validity of a 2017 study which underwent "significant changes". An inquiry on Wednesday ruled that many of the children born to mothers…
News Archive
July 12, 2020

What was the birth defect scandal linked to the drug?

THE SUN: DRUG SCANDAL What is Primodos and what was the birth defect scandal linked to the drug? The oral hormone-based pregnancy test Primodos was given to women in the…
Daily Mail PrimodosNews Archive
July 9, 2020

Damning report exposes three health scandals

DAILY MAIL: If we only ever sanctify the NHS, its harrowing failures will NEVER be cured, says IAN BIRRELL as a damning report exposes three health scandals By IAN BIRRELL FOR…
The Mail PrimodosNews Archive
July 8, 2020

Healthcare system ‘unresponsive and defensive’ over safety concerns – review

THE MAIL: “Harrowing” stories of pain and suffering have been laid bare in a report which concludes that patients came to “avoidable harm” because the healthcare system failed to respond…
2560News Archive
July 8, 2020

‘I trusted my doctors’: the women fighting for justice after medical procedures

THE GUARDIAN: An inquiry into the harmful effects of medical treatments prescribed to female patients in England has highlighted a series of scandals By The Guardian. 8th July 2020 Jacqueline…