We need your support

If you have not been directly affected by Primodos, but feel moved by the issues raised and would like to add your support to our campaign, there are a number of ways you can help:

Members of Parliament

To all MPs, we urge you to please lend your support. If we are to change the culture of patient care from ‘cover-up and denial’ to ‘transparency and listening’, we must ensure that the recommendations of the Cumberlege Review are implemented. In Baroness Julia Cumberlege’s words: “We owe it to the victims of these findings, and to thousands of future patients, to do better. There has been huge suffering. It was avoidable. We must put this right for the future”. The future of our children is in your hands.

Join the APPG for hormone pregnancy tests

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Facebook Group

Members of the ACDHPT have access to our Private Facebook Group. Here you can share and discuss within a closed group of others affected by Primodos.General enquiries

Please contact us by email for any general enquiries or questions that you have.

Press enquiries

For any press enquiries please contact us by email

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