Membership of the ACDHPT is for those individuals or families who have been directly affected by Primodos.

Membership brings the following benefits:

  • Support from other members of the association
  • MP support for members of ACDHPT, from 116 Cross Party Politicians in Westminster and the House of Lords.
  • Collective strength in fighting for justice and seeking compensation
  • Confidential updates from the Association and the legal team
  • On going information and status reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Association?

There are significant benefits to becoming a member of the ACDHPT. The Chair of the Association works closely with the legal team, representing our members and receiving regular updates on their progress. We provide free advice, confidential updates and access to our legal team. However, legal representation is not guaranteed. The decision on representation will be made by our legal firm, based on your individual case.

When you join the Association you will receive regular confidential email updates, which are exclusive to members. You will be kept up to date with any progress we make when dealing with the government and with our legal team. We also provide invaluable access to other members of ACDHPT also affected by HPTs, who will be happy to share support and advice and discuss issues and concerns they have encountered.

Each new member gives the ACDHPT the opportunity to increase our MP Support. With your permission, we will contact your MP to ask for support for our All Party Parliamentary Group of 110 MPs. Our APPG have played a vital role in our success and will continue to be a key part of our success in the future. We have seen how effective our MPs are in Westminster, by obtaining back bench business debates, urgent questions and discussions in the Main Chamber, which led to two government inquiries into the safety of HPTs/Primodos. All this was achieved because of the support from our cross party group of MPs. We will need to vastly increase this support for our next battle and your membership will provide an opportunity to contact your MP to ask them to join the APPG for Oral Hormone Pregnancy Tests. The collective pressure of our MPs will ensure our voices are heard and bring us closer to success.

How many members are there in the Association?

There are currently 400 members of the Association, but we are receiving new enquiries each week. Please contact us if you feel you have been affected and help us to bring the government and manufacturers to account.

What is the annual subscription fee for?

There is a subscription of £30 per year for families, but it will not be mandatory for new members to subscribe, until they have provided documentation to confirm they were given a HPT. The annual subscription, paid for many years by our existing members, provided the funds needed to continue our research, discover documented evidence used for the IMMDS review and exposed the government and manufacturer's collusion in keeping Primodos on the market. This research has taken us across the UK and Europe, researching archives and libraries and provided for the cost of translating documents discovered in Germany. These documents provided significant evidence to be used by our legal team on behalf of our members. These funds are essential to enable us to continue our work. Although the subscription is not mandatory, it is a necessary resource we rely on.

How do I get my doctors note?

You probably do not have a copy of your medical notes from the time of your pregnancy, but you should be able to access them from your current GP's surgery, where both paper and computer records will be stored. On receipt of your notes, would you please scan and email the extract relating to your pregnancy to allow Marie to update your information. If you are unable to access your records, please email to advise Marie of the difficulties you have encountered, in case she is able to help.  (If you are the affected person making contact, the medical notes will refer to your mother obtaining the records.)

Will I have to start lobbying my MP?

No. On becoming a member, we will write to you, asking for your permission to contact your MP on your behalf.

What is the APPG, and why is it important?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group is a cross-party group of MPs who have a shared interest in obtaining justice for the avoidable harm caused by oral hormone pregnancy tests. With your permission, the Chair of the Association, Marie Lyon, will contact your MP requesting them to add support on your behalf by becoming a member of the APPG. It is due to the support of the APPG that we have achieved such incredible progress, culminating in the recommendations of Baroness Cumberlege and the IMMDS review team, published on 8th July. The conclusions and recommendation contained in the Report mark a significant milestone in our long and difficult campaign.

Members of the ACDHPT have access to a private, members-only, Facebook Group