Videos of the top TV news stories about Primodos

Video News
July 19, 2021

Sky News – A year on

SKY NEWS: interview with Marie Lyon on 8th July regarding the IMMDS Recommendations
Testing For Life: The Primodos ScandalVideo News
February 25, 2021

Testing For Life: The Primodos Scandal

FULL DOCUMENTARY: A wonderful film on HPT's/Primodos produced by David Bond.
Primodos GermanyVideo News
September 19, 2020

Hannah Bardell interview- Sky News

The German Federal Ministry of Health has announced it will launch a review into the pregnancy test drug Primodos, which is alleged to have deformed babies. Sky News report by…
Bitter Pill PrimodosVideo News
September 1, 2020

Bitter Pill: Primodos

FULL DOCUMENTARY: A Sky News investigation into the hormone pregnancy test Primodos points to one of the pharmaceutical industry's biggest scandals.
Sky News Primodos documentaryVideo News
July 14, 2020

Sky News Documentary

A controversial drug prescribed as a pregnancy test in the UK was used in other countries to induce abortions, Sky News can reveal in this ground-breaking documentary feature. Sky's senior…
AGMVideo News
July 8, 2020

Reaction to Cumberlege Review

Marie Lyons receives the outcome of the Cumberlege Review. After years of campaigning by families, an independent review has found that children suffered “avoidable harm” from the failure to regulate…
Matt Hancock apologyVideo News
July 8, 2020

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock's apology in response the Cumberlege Report was screened across the majority of news channels.
Sky News 8 July 2020 (2)Video News
July 8, 2020

Nicky Gubbins – Sky News

Hundreds of families that have been wronged by the Primodos scandal have finally been recognised. An independent review found that children suffered ‘avoidable harm’ from the failure to regulate Primodos,…
talkRADIO 4 July 2020Video News
July 4, 2020


Did the drug Primodos have the potential to malform babies in the womb? talkRADIO’s Nick De Bois speaks to Jason Farrell about how campaigners may face disappointment.
Hannah Bardell MP Talks to Sky NewVideo News
March 31, 2019

Sky News

Primodos Drug Cover-Up : Hannah Bardell MP Talks to Sky News
Oxford research - primodosVideo News
November 27, 2018

Oxford University

A ground-breaking study from Oxford University has suggested a clear link between the pregnancy test drug Primodos and malformations in babies born to mothers who used the drug. Carl Heneghen…
NZ Herald Primodos interviewVideo News
March 20, 2017

NZ Herald

Hundreds of UK families have been battling for compensation over claims hormone-based drug ‘Primodos’ led to severe birth defects. NZ Herald journalist speaks to Marie Lyon, Chair of the ACDHPT,…
Cambridge UniversityVideo News
January 27, 2017

University of Cambridge

The Contested History of Hormone Pregnancy Tests. The Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. Marie Lyon addresses members of Cambridge University and academics from the UK and Europe, informing them about…
Sky News PrimodosVideo News
June 18, 2014

Eamon Holmes

Eamon Holmes talks with ACDHPT chair, Marie Lyons in 2014.
LWT PrimodosVideo News
April 13, 1978


As early as 1978, a year after the ACDHPT was created, LWT's The London Programme broadcast this documentary voicing concerns about Primodos.