1. Pam on April 5, 2023 at 01:37

    I was given the primodos drug at around 12 weeks of pregnancy,I was having a loss of blood ,the doctor called at my house asked did I want to keep my baby or l could go to hospital . I wanted to keep my baby,so I was told to bed rest and take the two tablets from his bag ,and if the bleeding stopped l would carry on with my pregnancy.so l never questioned the taking of the tablets and my daughter was born March 18 1976 ,to have 4 missing toes and toes deformed on toes to the other foot.her hands were shortened digits ,joined two fingers wedding finger not formed ,I was in shock,the first operation when she was 2weeks old and many more as she grew operating on her foot to remove a bone that stopped her walking plastic surgery to both hands and many visits to genetics department,who had many photos,then her file always missing and never found again .she now has children of her own and my lovely girl has started with atherosclerosis, she just accepts it all in her quiet way.but didn’t deserve this and her screams haunt me when they removed the stitches on her hands at 4 yrs old .Just to say she is a member of the group,with Marie, l have attended with her to a meeting in Birmingham.I think she’s given up on getting any justice or compensation.sorry to have given this long account of her story butI’ve never spoken myself to anyone to do with the fight for justice, my daughter tells me she’s done everything she can and it would not make any difference if I say anything,I just wanted to say something bout this for myself

  2. BARBARA MANNING on April 25, 2023 at 23:53

    We will continue to fight for all babies who died in the womb, through miscarriage, Stillbirth, died at a young age suffering severe health problems loss of their brain which never developed. Thousands who have lived now in their 50’s but sadly, thousands have died suffering year in, year out. They endured a lifetime suffering horrendous disabilities, loss of limbs, heart disease. We will fight on for all parents who have died on this journey caring for their loved one’s ,damaged by These Pregnancy Testing Pills,Primodos . We innocently took them handed over to us in our trusted NHS Family Doctor’s Surgery, rarely on prescription.Baroness Cumberledge stood up in Parliament , and said, this is a scandal and must not be brushed under the carpet, Matt Hancock apologised , but nothing further . Over 50 years fighting for Justice and compensation, and these pills were only taken off the market in 1978. I say to this Government hang your heads in shame. These pills were produced with little investigative work before being given to 1.5 million women. one of the biggest Pharma’s in the world put greed and profit before the well-being of our unborn babies. We thank our amazing Chairwoman Marie Lyon who has fought for over 50
    years for us, and for her own daughter damaged by Primodos. up to the present date, My own baby daughter is buried in a beautiful Cemetery in Scotland for Stillborns. Again , our Motto.. We will never give up… .

  3. Janet Breeze on December 10, 2023 at 19:55

    I am 62 & will never give on will fight on

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