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20 Oct ’20 : Plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed by party leaders

Please read the heartfelt plea to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, signed by all Party Leaders, but sadly without the signature of Sir Keir Starmer. We hope Sir Keir intends to write separately to the P.M. to ensure the life changing recommendations from Baroness Cumberlege, to improve our Health Services for everyone, are implemented” We have always appreciated the support from the Labour Health team and many dedicated Labour MP’s and regret we did not receive a response from Sir Keir.

Click the image of the letter below to read the whole letter:

Letter to the Prime Minister

9 Oct ’20 : Theresa May interview with Sky News

The former PM tells Sky News that Primodos campaigners “deserve to be treated fairly” and “weren’t listened to”.

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18 Sep ’20 : German government to investigate pregnancy test drug

The German Federal Ministry of Health has announced it will launch a review into the pregnancy test drug Primodos, which is alleged to have deformed babies.

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24 Aug ’20 : Theresa May –  Bitter Pill

In an exclusive interview with Sky News, the former prime minister, heavily criticised the health regulation system that also allowed people to suffer with another drug, sodium valproate, and the medical product, vaginal mesh.

Mrs May praised campaigners, who had been “beating their head against a brick wall of the state”, she said.

She also criticised former governments and healthcare professionals who she said had tried to “stop them in their tracks… saying that ‘you didn’t really suffer’ despite the fact that there was obvious evidence”.

Watch Bitter Pill: Primodos, on Sky Documentaries. Premieres 24th August 2020, 9pm.

6 Aug ’20 : Sky Documentaries Premiere  –  Bitter Pill

The Sky Film, Bitter Pill, will be released on 24th August, on the Sky Documentaries channel at 9.00 p.m.

A brand new 90 minute Sky film premiering at 9.00pm on the Sky Documentaries channel investigates the validity of a 2017 study concerning hormone pregnancy tests that underwent ‘significant changes’.

31 Jul ’20 : ACDHPT launches petition 

The Association for Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Tests (ACDHPT) is campaigning to expose the truth about the failures of both past and present Government Regulatory Agencies and the continuing cover up by the drug company Bayer/Schering.

Please sign our Petition, to Protect our Children, Change a Culture, Make Medicine and Medical Devices safer.

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