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Nicky Gubbins Primodos

Nicky Gubbins

Nicky Gubbins gives her testimony to the Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review in May 2019.

Hannah Bardell MP Talks to Sky New

Sky News

Primodos Drug Cover-Up : Hannah Bardell MP Talks to Sky News

Bagley Family Primodos

The Bagley Family

This is a video of the Bagley Family’s testimony at the Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review in March 2019.

Oxford research - primodos

Oxford University

A ground-breaking study from Oxford University has suggested a clear link between the pregnancy test drug Primodos and malformations in babies born to mothers who used the drug. Carl Heneghen explains the findings of the research to Say News.

Schering poster

A historical argument for regulatory failure in the case of Primodos and other hormone pregnancy tests

REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE & SOCIETY ONLINE: Article by Jesse Olszynko-Gryn, Eira Bjørvik, Merle Weßel, Solveig Jülich, Cyrille Jean Abstract The drug Primodos and other hormone pregnancy tests (HPTs) remained on the British market for about a decade after they were first implicated, in 1967, as a possible cause of birth defects. In November 2017, an expert working group (EWG) set…

NZ Herald Primodos interview

NZ Herald

Hundreds of UK families have been battling for compensation over claims hormone-based drug ‘Primodos’ led to severe birth defects. NZ Herald journalist speaks to Marie Lyon, Chair of the ACDHPT, 20 March 2017

Cambridge University

University of Cambridge

The Contested History of Hormone Pregnancy Tests. The Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. Marie Lyon addresses members of Cambridge University and academics from the UK and Europe, informing them about HPTs and Primodos. As a result, the Association welcomed an increase in support for our campaign and much needed offers to share information on HPTs …

Sky News Primodos

Eamon Holmes

Eamon Holmes talks with ACDHPT chair, Marie Lyons in 2014.

LWT Primodos


As early as 1978, a year after the ACDHPT was created, LWT’s The London Programme broadcast this documentary voicing concerns about Primodos.