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German government to investigate pregnancy test drug

SKY NEWS: UK campaign prompts German government to investigate pregnancy test drug. The German Federal Ministry of Health has announced it will launch a review into the pregnancy test drug Primodos, which is alleged to have deformed babies. Primodos, manufactured in Germany, was given to women by GPs in the 1960s and 1970s. Many parents believe…


Primodos Suspect – Private Eye

PRIVATE EYE: The mistakers and cosy relationships that have taken place over 50 years succinctly put the UK’s leading political commentary magazine.


Theresa May urges Government to consider redress for Primodos victims

THE INDEPENDENT: Primodos scandal – Government should consider ‘redress’ for victims of pregnancy test drug, says Theresa Maythe Government to consider “redress” for the victims of a hormone pregnancy test blamed for causing serious birth defects. Theresa May has urged the government to consider “redress” for the victims of a hormone pregnancy test blamed for causing…

Nicola Jayne Morino 1200x800

Jo Moreno

Normal birth. 1 hour delivery. 04/10/70. Extremely poorly, projectile vomiting Major op 3 wks old to investigate jaundice. Cut open up her middle. No scans in them days. We were told she needed a new liver, not a possibility, we would be lucky to have her 3 months. She was always ill so had to…

HERC Primodos

Primodos: The first step towards Justice

HERC: In this article, Sharon Hartles reflects upon the significant impacts of avoidable harms that have been perpetuated for decades through a culture of denial and an absence of state and corporate pharmaceutical accountability. Sharon Hartles was awarded an MA in Crime and Justice (with distinction) from The Open University in December 2019 and is…


Hannah Bardell seeks justice for Primodos families

DAILY RECORD: SNP politician Hannah Bardell wants the Government to implement the findings of a damning report into health scandals, including the pregnancy test drug. Hannah Bardell said mothers were treated like “guinea pigs” and “mocked” when they raised concerns about the drug, which was given to women from 1958 until it was taken off the…


Baroness Cumberlege’s Speech

The following is the speech given by Baroness Cumberlege on 8th July 2020. Good morning. The people of Britain have every reason to be proud of their NHS.Its response to the pandemic has demonstrated the exceptional care and bravery of staff, but this does not mean that the healthcare system is free from faults. We…

Sky News Primodos documentary

Sky News Documentary

Sky News 8 July 2020

Primodos scandal: ‘Significant’ changes were made to key report

SKY NEWS: A Sky News investigation raises questions about the validity of a 2017 study which underwent “significant changes”.   An inquiry on Wednesday ruled that many of the children born to mothers who used the drug suffered “avoidable harm”.   But now a freedom of information (FOI) request has raised questions about the validity of a…


Chris Gooch

When Emma was born in 1971 the consultant who came to visit said she had a heart murmur, possible hip dysplasia and the obvious defect of improperly formed fingers and toes. She had her first operation at 15 months which was devastating. It took place in Mount Vernon Hospital (a plastic surgery unit) and the…