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Margaret Roberts

My son Garry was born in 1964. I’d been to see my doctor 9 months earlier and was given 2 tablets, one to be taken in the morning and one 12 hours later. I was told that if I didn’t bleed then I was pregnant, and to our delight I was pregnant and had a…


What was the birth defect scandal linked to the drug?

THE SUN: DRUG SCANDAL What is Primodos and what was the birth defect scandal linked to the drug? The oral hormone-based pregnancy test Primodos was given to women in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s by their GPs. Now, parents claiming their babies were affected by the drug have said they’re preparing to sue…

Daily Mail Primodos

Damning report exposes three health scandals

DAILY MAIL: If we only ever sanctify the NHS, its harrowing failures will NEVER be cured, says IAN BIRRELL as a damning report exposes three health scandals By IAN BIRRELL FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 00:07, 9 July 2020 Daniel Mason was born half a century ago without hands, with missing toes, a malformed mouth and…

The Mail Primodos

Healthcare system ‘unresponsive and defensive’ over safety concerns – review

THE MAIL: “Harrowing” stories of pain and suffering have been laid bare in a report which concludes that patients came to “avoidable harm” because the healthcare system failed to respond in a speedy and appropriate way when serious concerns were raised about some medical treatments. By Press Assc. 8th July 2020 A scathing inquiry into…


Reaction to Cumberlege Review

Marie Lyons receives the outcome of the Cumberlege Review. After years of campaigning by families, an independent review has found that children suffered “avoidable harm” from the failure to regulate the drug Primodos in the 1960s and 70s.

Matt Hancock apology

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock’s apology in response the Cumberlege Report was screened across the majority of news channels.

Sky News 8 July 2020 (2)

Nicky Gubbins – Sky News

Hundreds of families that have been wronged by the Primodos scandal have finally been recognised. An independent review found that children suffered ‘avoidable harm’ from the failure to regulate Primodos, a drug used for hormone pregnancy tests.


‘I trusted my doctors’: the women fighting for justice after medical procedures

THE GUARDIAN: An inquiry into the harmful effects of medical treatments prescribed to female patients in England has highlighted a series of scandals By The Guardian. 8th July 2020 Jacqueline Ciseau, 64, was 17 when she became pregnant in 1973. Her doctor recommended a hormone pregnancy test, which confirmed she was expecting a baby. She…

talkRADIO 4 July 2020


Did the drug Primodos have the potential to malform babies in the womb? talkRADIO’s Nick De Bois speaks to Jason Farrell about how campaigners may face disappointment.

Daniel Mason Primodos

Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason gives his testimony to the Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review in May 2019.