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  • Mayor Andy Burnham accuses Govt.

    Mayor Andy Burnham accuses Govt.

    Primodos scandal: Government accused of ‘bullying’ disabled campaigners in the courts Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has accused the government of “using its might” to “bully” and “silence” disabled campaigners in the courts. People allegedly damaged by the drug Primodos are in a high court battle with both the UK government and the German pharmaceutical company […]

  • Inside Out Quality

    Inside Out Quality

    Primodos: Zebrafish, GLP, and Unanswered Questions Primodos, a hormone-based pregnancy test, was given to women between 1959 and 1978. Its development occurred before GLP and before standardized testing for teratogenesis (causing birth defects).  There are data and suspicions that it caused birth defects, but more questions remain. This episode of Inside Out Quality explores the […]

  • Drug Safety Research & Communication

    Drug Safety Research & Communication

    EXPLORATHON PODCASTS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN A number of drugs over the last 70 years have been withdrawn following the discovery of serious side-effects. Most of us will be familiar with the Thalidomide scandal, and how thousands of people continue to be affected by the birth defects caused by the drug. The effect of these scandals has been lasting and […]

  • Sky News – A year on

    Sky News – A year on

    SKY NEWS: interview with Marie Lyon on 8th July regarding the IMMDS Recommendations Love2 Share Tweet Share Pin

  • Testing For Life: The Primodos Scandal

    Testing For Life: The Primodos Scandal

    FULL DOCUMENTARY: A wonderful film on HPT’s/Primodos produced by David Bond. Love3 Share Tweet Share Pin

  • Patients harmed by drugs and devices back commissioner role.

    Patients harmed by drugs and devices back commissioner role.

    SKY NEWS: Pressure is mounting on the government to help victims of Primodos, the epilepsy drug sodium valproate and vaginal mesh. An Independent Patients’ Commissioner is set to be appointed to act as champion for people who have been harmed by medicines or medical devices. Baroness Cumberlege, who recommended the new role in a landmark report […]

  • You Magazine : Real Lives

    You Magazine : Real Lives

    MAIL ON SUNDAY: I prayed, ‘Just let my baby see her first birthday’. By LORRAINE FISHER PUBLISHED: 00:03, 13 December 2020 Jo Moreno’s baby girl did turn one, but died days after this photo was taken. She was just one of hundreds of victims of an appalling medical scandal. Fifty years on, Lorraine Fisher meets the families […]

  • Primodos: The Next steps towards Justice

    Primodos: The Next steps towards Justice

    HERC: In this article, Sharon Hartles critically examines the journey so far towards the implementation of the remaining eight recommendations set out in the landmark publication of the Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review First Do No Harm report in July 2020. Furthermore, she explores the wider impacts this publication has set into motion. Sharon […]

  • Theresa May interview with Sky News

    Theresa May interview with Sky News

    SKY NEWS: Primodos scandal: Theresa May says victims were patted on the head and told ‘you’re imagining it’ The former PM tells Sky News that Primodos campaigners “deserve to be treated fairly” and “weren’t listened to”. The government should consider “redress” for the victims of pregnancy test drug Primodos, Theresa May has told Sky News. […]

  • Hannah Bardell interview- Sky News

    Hannah Bardell interview- Sky News

    The German Federal Ministry of Health has announced it will launch a review into the pregnancy test drug Primodos, which is alleged to have deformed babies. Sky News report by Jason Farrell, followed by an interview with MP Hannah Bardell Love1 Share Tweet Share Pin